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Before the Delusion 

Secret Vatican Files of the Pyramids and Stonehenge

- An Historical Novel - 

By William Gleeson


Dr Liam Kelly PhD, SJ is an internationally renowned scholar of Biblical history who has spent a lifetime researching pre-Christian documents hidden in the Vatican archives. In a diminished Vatican where hardly anyone even understands Latin anymore, he is the last of a past era of scholars who spoke a dozen ancient languages.  In order that the old knowledge might not be lost Dr Kelly, is charged to compile a plain language dossier of the secrets of the archives – in the course of which he uncovers startling secrets of the Pyramids and the meaning of Stonehenge, which are unexpectedly linked. 

‘It’s all heresy, the work of the devil’, pronounced Cardinal Borgia. ‘We must do everything to ensure it is kept secret to protect the faithful.’ 

‘But it’s true,’ protested Liam, ‘we have a duty to reveal the truth. And there’s more, I know who built Stonehenge and what it was for.’

But the story can never be told because twisted through the threads of pagan history are other dark secrets the Church does not want to reveal. Dr Kelly wrestled with his inner demons, torn between loyalty to his Church and the temptation of the truth. At risk to his personal safety he defies the Church hierarchy to find a way to reveal the old knowledge of pagan mysteries.

Publication date: 31st March 2012

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 273

ISBN: 978-0-9557400-9-1

Dimension: 210mm x 156mm x 16mm

Now available in Kindle edition, ISBN 978-0-9572113-1-5 @ Amazon

£ 14.95

Superior knowledge is what the book is all about, as we are led through the causeways of Egypt, Greece, and structures like Stonehenge in England.  Gleeson's grasp of the many strange anomalies seen pre-historic sites across England and the rest of the world is immense and must have occupied a huge amount of time in research.  Many of these are beautifully illustrated by a wealth of images.

Robert Feather MIMMM, CEng


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